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Global Locomotive Engine Market: Market Size & Forecasting (2016-2025)

Global locomotive engines market has been witnessing growth, owing to the development of hydrogen-powered locomotive engines since the use of hydrogen fuel will produce electricity by mixing hydrogen and oxygen.

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Market Overview:

Also, the capability of diesel locomotive engines to transport large amounts of freight in less fuel and high speeds, and increased safety are a few fators aiding in the growth of this market. The rise in the number of passengers and freight volume is expected to drive the electric locomotive engines market in various regions. Moreover, increasing concerns regarding pollution have driven government bodies and private stakeholders to upgrade to energy-efficient and non-polluting electric locomotives. In terms of speed and reliability, electric locomotives are highly efficient.

The upcoming report from Quince Market Insights focuses on these key impact factors influencing the market, along with identifying major segments and companies operating in the market. The study is designed to provide a holistic view with a broad scope covering every possible segment influencing the demand for locomotive engines market.

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Market segmentation:

By Type:

  • Diesel Locomotive Engine

  • Electric Locomotive Engine

By Technology:

  • IGBT Power Module

  • GTO Thyristor Module

  • SiC Power Module

By Component:

  • Rectifier

  • Traction

  • Inverter

  • Alternator

  • Auxiliary Power Conversion Unit

By Application:

  • Freight Transport

  • Passenger Transport

This upcoming study will be published shortly with a focus on key stakeholders in the market. Regions covered in the study include North America, Asia Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East, and Rest of the World.

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Major companies operating in the market:

  • Alstom, Bombardier
  • Siemens
  • General Electric
  • Caterpillar
  • China CNR
  • CAF
  • Talgo
  • MITSUI & Co., Ltd

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