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Global Ultraviolet LED Market Key Manufacturer- Nichia Corporation, Seoulviosys Co. Ltd., Phoseon Technology, LG Innotek, Philips Lighting, and NIKKISO Co., Ltd., Crystal IS, SemiLEDs Corporation, Koninklijke Philips N.V., LG INNOTEK, Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc., NICHIA CORPORATION, Halma plc, Heraeus Holding, SETi, DOWA Electronics, ConvergEver, Seoul Viosys, HexaTech, Epistar, Epileds, HPL, Rayvio, and Qingdao Jason: Market Size & Forecasting (2016-2028)

The market growth is primarily driven by the reduced prices of UV LEDs, and increased adaptability, efficiency, and enhanced lifespan of the UV LEDs when compared with the traditional LEDs. The worldwide ban on mercury vapor lamps post 2020, attributing to the health hazards of mercury, has also accelerated the growth of the UV LED market. The development of UV LEDs with the help of next generation substrates, and the emerging application areas such as disinfection and purification, among others, are some of the factors that will contribute towards the growth of the market in the future. However, the transition from the UV lamps to UV LEDs, and the excessive amount of thermal heat generation from UV LEDs have been acting as restraints to the growth of the global UV LED market.

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The UV LED technology is used in various sectors such as curing, sterilization, forensic, phototherapy, disinfection, printing and manufacturing of high-end health and beauty products such as wine, cider, spirits, and beer. Moreover, the technology is used in the electronics industry such as in the manufacturing of flat panel displays for OLED televisions and mobile phones.

Ultraviolet light is an undetectable type of electromagnetic energy that moves at a higher frequency and carries more energy than normal light. UV LED lights discharge light that is almost undetectable to the naked eye, yet has many reasonable applications.

The upcoming report from Quince Market Insights focuses on these key impact factors influencing the market along with identifying major segments, and companies operating in the market. The study is designed to provide a holistic view with a broad scope covering every possible segment influencing the demand of global ultraviolet LED market.

Market Segmentation:

By Type:

  • UV-A LED

  • UV-B LED

  • UV-C LED

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By Application:

  • Curing

  • Analytic Tools

  • Sterilization & Disinfection

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This upcoming study will be published shortly with a focus on the key stakeholders in the market. Regions covered in the study include North America, Asia-Pacific, Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Middle East and Rest of the World.

Major Companies Operating in the Market

  • Nichia Corporation

  • Seoulviosys Co. Ltd.

  • Phoseon Technology

  • LG Innotek, Philips Lighting

  • NIKKISO Co., Ltd.

  • Crystal IS

  • SemiLEDs Corporation

  • Koninklijke Philips N.V.


  • Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc.


  • Heraeus Holding, SETi

  • DOWA Electronics

  • ConvergEver

  • Seoul Viosys

  • HexaTech

  • Epistar

  • Epileds

  • HPL

  • Rayvio

  • Qingdao Jason

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